Who’s in Jesus’ Family?

Jesus and the Crowd (7-11) 
Who are clueless? 

Jesus and the Apostles (13-21)
Who are called?

Jesus and the Scribes (22-30)
Who are controlling?  

Jesus and his Family (31-35) 
Who are Christ’s? 

MAIN IDEA:  Jesus displayed the power and authority to create a new family, called to be with him and proclaim his victory.  


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

How does Jesus define his disciples? What is the standard, in Christ’s own words, of the identity of a ‘Christian?’ What are some ways in which people misunderstand or distort this idea?


Read Mark 3:7-12. Why did the crowd seek out Jesus? Did it help or hinder his ministry? Why would Jesus order the demons not to make him known?

Read Mark 3:13-21. What is the importance of Jesus appointing 12 apostles? What are the three distinctive marks of a disciple? (v.14) What was the response of Jesus’ family when they heard about his ministry?

Read Mark 3:22-28. How did the scribes describe Jesus’ ministry? How did Jesus respond to their accusation? What seems to be the ‘blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?’

Read Mark 3:31-34. What was Jesus’ response to his family coming to get him? What does Jesus use as the indicator for those who are part of his ‘family?’ Why would this have challenged cultural norms at the time?


How do the crowd, the scribes, and Jesus’ own family display misunderstanding about who Jesus is? What are some ways in which we might still fall into these errors?

What is the mark of a disciple of Jesus? What does it mean to respond to the authoritative ‘call’ of Jesus? Read Mark 10:29-31 – What is Jesus’ promise to those who place His kingdom above everything else? What are things that become barriers to us responding to Jesus in such a radical way?

A disciple of Jesus is one who is appointed to ‘be with,’ ‘proclaim,’ and ‘act.’ Why should all of our activity as disciples be grounded on the foundation of being ‘with Jesus?’ How does our relationship with Jesus correct all of our family relationships? How does our relationship with Jesus change how we view living in community with other believers?

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