Who Killed Jesus?

Chapters 14 and 15 of Mark’s Gospel record the climaxes of many themes that have already been introduced. In these chapters, Mark chose to concentrate on the sufferings of Jesus, rather than simply give a record of all the events of the last week of his life.

Out of Mark’s 661 verses 242 (37%) deal with the last week, from the triumphal entry through the resurrection, and 128 concern Jesus’ passion and resurrection. As we understand all that Christ has done for us our desire becomes to treasure him above everything else and share the good news with others.

The Suspects:





The Verdict:

What this Reveals about Jesus:

Our Response:





“Who Killed Jesus?” – Mark 14:1–15:20

Main Idea: Though all humanity bears the guilt of Jesus’ death, he gave his life in willing obedience to his Father to bring us back to God. 


When you find yourself feeling guilty about something, what’s your default response? Do you ignore it? Stuff it? Try to fix it? Confess it? Something else?


Read Mark 14:1-11. What does Mark emphasize at the beginning and end of this section (vv.1-2, 10-11)? How does that contrast with what happens in the middle (vv. 3-9)? What impending event ties all three together? 

Read Mark 14:12-25. Again, what connection do you see between the beginning and end of this section (vv. 12-16, 22-25)? What is the historical significance of the Passover? Why does Jesus do with that meal, and why? How do those two sections contrast with the middle part in vv. 17-21?

Read Mark 14:32-52. Once again, what connections do you see between the first section (vv. 26-31) and the last section (vv. 43-52), and how does the middle section (vv. 32-42) provide a contrast? What do Jesus’ prayers in the garden reveal about him and his work? What does the disciples’ behavior in each section suggest about their understanding of Jesus’ kingdom?

Read Mark 14:53-72. What does the religious leaders’ behavior in vv. 53-65 reveal about their true agenda? How does Jesus respond in the face of persecution and likely death? How does Peter respond in a similar circumstance in vv. 66-72?

Read Mark 15:1-20. What do we learn here about Pilate’s role in Jesus’ death? About the crowds’? The religious leaders’? At the end of the day, who is responsible for Jesus’ death?


Why is it important to own our guilt in Jesus death? What does that look like to truly own our sin? Is there sin in your life you need to own and confess to God?

Why is it equally important receive God’s grace for our sin and guilt? What does that look like? Is there sin in your life that you need to stop punishing yourself for and receive God’s grace?

What is your next step when it comes to worshiping Jesus in response to his grace?

ASSIGNMENT: With your group, memorize Mark 14:62, and reflect together on sovereignty and grace of Christ in his willingness to be betrayed to death in order to establish his kingdom.

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