Who Gives Jesus Authority?

As we continue our summer series on the Gospel of Mark we come to one of the more wonderful and memorable stories of the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus.

The greatest need of every soul is divine forgiveness of all sin. And the greatest benefit of Christianity is the provision of that complete forgiveness. In Mark 2:1-12, Jesus confirms He is the Son of Man, and has the authority and ability to forgive sin.

Praise God all of our sins are washed away by the Son of Man!

Jesus speaks with P_______ and A ________ (Mark 2:1-12)

    Four friends… (2:1-5)

    Religious leaders… (2:6-7)

    The word of Jesus… (2:8-12)

What are the lessons we learn from this story?

What must we do now (Daniel 7:13-14)?

Main Idea: Jesus, the Son of Man, has power and authority to forgive and to heal


In Mark 2:1-12 we meet four friends who made a difference for their paralyzed buddy. If you are in a crisis, even at 3 AM, which four friends will you call? Share this with the group.  

Read Mark 2:1-5. What would you be seeing and feeling if you were in this crowd? What do you think the owner of this home is thinking? What is the paralyzed man thinking? Why didn’t Jesus just heal the man like everyone expected? Was the man paralyzed due to sin (John 9:1-3)?


What motivated Jesus to respond to the paralytic’s need was the faith he saw in the friends (2:5). Do you think he saw faith in the paralytic too? Why or why not? Why do you suppose their faith made such a difference to Jesus?

Read Mark 2:6-7. Why are religious leaders upset? What is “blasphemy” and is the O.T. penalty for it (Leviticus 24:10-23)? By claiming to forgive sins, what is Jesus saying about himself?

Read Mark 2:8-12. When Jesus asked, “Which is easier…”, how would you answer that question? Why did Jesus refer to himself as the “Son of Man”, a title used 14 times in Mark (see Daniel 7:13-14)? What did he prove when he healed the man immediately and miraculously?  How did the crowd respond to the miracle (2:12)?


Randy mentioned three lessons we learn from this story. What are they? How does sin “paralyze” us? What freedoms has Jesus’ word of forgiveness given you?

What application can you make for your LIFE Group from the four friends of the paralyzed man? How can you grow together in a confident, compassionate, creative and contagious faith which makes an impact on others?

Assignment: Memorize Mark 2:10-11 or Daniel 7:12-14. How can we grow bolder, expecting Jesus to transform lives as we proclaim him to our church, on our streets and in our homes? How can we, like Jesus, reach people of other ethnic backgrounds with compassion and love?

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