New Ministry Locations & Times:

If we’ve been reminded of anything this past few weeks, it’s that the church is not a building, but rather the community of God’s people who come together to share God’s love and sacrifice for one another.  Among all the devastation and turmoil, we’ve seen God’s provision and care for people through His church. Thank you for all the ways you have honored God and others by the sharing of your time, talents, and resources over the past few weeks!

Although the Stonebridge building will be under construction for awhile, we are committed to continuing to meet together and have been working hard to plan for ministry in the coming months. Please sign-up to receive our text updates by texting the word  UPDATES to 319-320-1834 or joining our email list by entering your email address below:

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September 13 and beyond: New Time & Location

Starting Sunday, September 13, our regular Stonebridge worship service will be held at the Calvary Baptist Church located at 5338 Johnson Ave SW at 6:00 PM. Calvary has graciously opened their facility to us for our use on Sunday evenings. Nursery & Stonebridge Kids ministry will be offered during these services. We will only hold one service on Sunday nights. We will livestream this service at 6:00 PM as well.  This service will be the same as we would have at Stonebridge, just a new location and time. We will not have any services or programming on Sunday mornings for the next several weeks. Please note: in compliance with the recent city mandate, we will be requiring that masks be worn to this and all Stonebridge events.

We will also be streaming on our website and Facebook. Archives of the messages are available on YouTube

Additionally, we offer a dial-in option to listen to the worship service for those who may not have internet access. This will allow people to listen to the service from any phone.  The same phone number will be used every time, but each week there is a new access code. To receive the details you will need, please call (319) 224-0128‬ each Sunday and listen to the automated message

Mid-Week Ministry starting September 23 at 6:00 PM

We will begin our regular Wednesday night ministry for students, kids, and adults on Wednesday, September 23 at Cedar Hills Community Church located at 6455 E Ave NW at 6:00 PM.  Cedar Hills does not have regular ministry in their facility on Wednesdays and has generously offered their facility to us for our ministry use.

Stonebridge Students and Kids will meet from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Cedar Hills Community Church, 6455 E Ave NW starting Wednesday, September 23.  A brief parent meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, September 23.

COVID Reminders & Masks:

We recognize there are a wide variety of feelings about mask-wearing. As a congregation we want to love one another and show respect to our community. Our goal is for our actions to point people to Jesus. The decisions we make and the actions we take speak volumes about our hearts and our value of others. So, while it may or may not be our preference, out of love for others and respect for our community leaders, we are asking that all who attend Stonebridge events wear a mask.  This will begin with Sunday worship on September 6 and will be in effect for all ministries until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and prayerful posture on this issue as we go forward.


  • Non-Contact Environments: While we love the desire to greet via hugs and handshakes, to reduce the spread of germs, we ask that you do your best to maintain a non-contact environments


  • Stay home if you’re sick—if you or someone in your family is not feeling well or is displaying symptoms of illness, please stay home. We’d love to have you join us when you feel better.
  • Good Hygiene:  And, of course, we would ask that everyone be faithful in practicing good hygiene by washing your hands, covering sneezes or coughs, and avoid close contact with others outside your family.


  • Stonebridge is a family and we want to care for each other, support one another, and show God’s love to each other.  Sometimes caring is easy, other times love stretches us and requires some self-sacrifice.

So, please remember 3 H’s:  be aware of your Habits, Health and Heart.  As always, if you have any questions please let us know. 

Get help and/or find ways to volunteer:

There are 4 wonderful organizations that are designed to help with disaster relief. Since we know we can’t meet every need, we would highly recommend connecting with these amazing organizations to request help, volunteer, and/or make donations