Unashamed – Acts 23-24

  • Paul had the TRUTH
  • Paul had the LORD’S PRESENCE
  • Paul had a LIVING SAVIOR

MAIN IDEA: The Gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, and we can eagerly and cheerfully live it and share it.


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

What is the gospel? How do many people in our culture get confused about the actual message of Christianity?


Read Acts 23:1-10. Paul uses the term ‘whitewashed wall’ to describe hypocrisy. How does religion without the gospel create hypocrisy? (See Romans 2:17-24)

Read Acts 23:11. What is comforting about this verse? What did the Lord promise Paul? How much longer would it be before Paul was able to go to Rome? How might this cause some of us to struggle?

Read Acts 23:12-15. Why were Paul’s opponents so eager to kill him? Does the gospel message still create this type of opposition today? What is interesting about a Pagan government protecting a Christian missionary from a religious group?

Read Acts 24:24 -27. How did Paul specifically address the sin of Felix and Drusilla when sharing faith in Christ? Why is it important for us to be clear about sin when we are presenting the gospel?


Read Romans 1:16-17. What reason does Paul give for being ‘unashamed’ of the Gospel? What is ‘revealed’ in the gospel, and why is this the essential element?

Paul shared the Gospel in public (through trials) and in private (Felix & Drusilla). How did his methods change? Is it important for us to be able to share the gospel in public and in private? What opportunities do you have in each of these areas?

Read Romans 5:18-21. Why is it important to remember that we have a living Savior? How can we ‘rehearse’ the gospel daily? Does it encourage you to know that the gospel assures us of the Lord’s presence, and a clear conscience at judgment?

Paul mentions multiple times having a ‘clear conscience.’ What do you think he meant by this, in light of the gospel? Read Romans 16:25-27 – how can Paul’s statements here be an encouragement to us?

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