Leadership Transition

Thank you for visiting our Leadership Transition page.  Stonebridge is in a season of celebration for how God has blessed us the last 60 years and expectant hope as we trust God to lead us in His plans for our future.  Come back to this page to find ongoing updates throughout our lead pastor transition process and ongoing prayer requests from our pastoral search team.

Pastoral Search Updates

September 17, 2018 — Over the last few weeks, the pastoral search team has conducted an introductory conversation with a handful of highly qualified candidates.  The team is encouraged by the potential candidates they have talked with so far and will meet at the end of the month to review applicant information and discuss next steps for these candidates.  The Shepherd’s Staff firm will continue to send top tier candidates to the team over the next few weeks. A comprehensive overview of the search team’s progress will be given to the congregation at the next Congregational Meeting, Sunday, November 11,2018.

Updated Prayer Requests

  • Endurance for the team members as we review written material, view sermons, conduct video conferences, meet with TSS and our own team 
  • For schedules to be opened for us to meet and have video conferences/interviews with candidates.  We all have busy lives outside of this endeavor
  • Unity among our team as we work through personal preferences and determine what is best for the whole
  • Protection from the enemy in so many ways as he would like nothing better than to cause disunity within our team
  • Open and transparent communication within the team

If you have further questions, please reach out to a Stonebridge Elder or send an email to online@stonebridge.church.


Leadership Transition Announcement  — February 2018

In early 2018, Pastor Randy announced his plan to transition out of his role as Lead Pastor in the next 12-24 months. Take a moment to view THIS VIDEO from Pastor Randy and Jamie Jonas, Elder Board Vice Chair, with information regarding leadership transition throughout 2018 – 2019 and read through the FAQ below.

Stonebridge Transition: Our Next Steps — June 2018

 Hear how elders Terry Brandt and Steve Duffy share information on hiring a search firm and our 404 Vision Planning by watching THIS VIDEO


Leadership Transition FAQ

1. Why is Randy thinking about transition? A few years ago Randy brought up the discussion of transition with the elders. Knowing he was growing older and that the lead pastor role is important to our church, he wanted to make sure we transitioned in a healthy way. Randy was inspired by his predecessor, Bruce Stokka, and would like to remain at Stonebridge in the future as Bruce did. However, he has other ministry opportunities and family interests (grandchildren!) to which he’d like to give attention in the future. He thoroughly enjoys his work at Stonebridge and it won’t be easy to transition but he wants to be a part of making sure a new lead pastor gets started well.

2. What is the timeframe for the transition? The Elder Board has been working on a succession plan to ensure the leadership and pastoral needs of our congregation will continually be met. Pastor Randy will remain as Lead Pastor through the search process and will continue on for a period after the new pastor is hired for the purposes of training and transition. This process is anticipated to take 12-24 months.

3. Why will there be overlap between Randy and the new pastor? After analyzing several pastoral transition options, the Elder Board is recommending an overlap strategy to provide the best transition between key leaders. This allows the new pastor to “shadow” Pastor Randy for a period of time while getting to know ministry leaders and becoming familiar with our Stonebridge family, mission, values and goals.

4. Who is in charge of the search process? The Elders will oversee the search process and work closely with a search team.

5. Will we hire from within or look outside the church? Through prayer and discussion about the overall needs of our church and our vision for the future, it was determined that an experienced pastor with years of leading a sizeable congregation will be sought.

6. How does this impact the hiring of other staff positions? Because the Lead Pastor works so closely with the worship leader, and other pastoral staff, it is imperative they have a good chemistry and working relationship. For that reason, we think it is wise to have a new Lead Pastor search first. Then when the new Lead Pastor is in place, he can have a role in finding and hiring additional staff as needed. We are confident in our volunteer leaders, and we hope to get started on a new search process soon after a new Lead Pastor comes.

7. Will Pastor Randy and his family remain at Stonebridge? Yes. After the overlap period has ended, Randy will take a sabbatical for a time period to be determined by the Elders and new Lead Pastor. Lord willing, he desires to return as a member and volunteer at Stonebridge.

8. What are the next steps in the process? The search team is actively working with a search firm to identify and screen potential candidates.  During this process, they will interact with a handful of highly qualified candidates to assess their skills, character and potential fit for Stonebridge.  Once the team feels they have identified a strong candidate, Stonebridge leaders and, following their approval, the congregation will be invited to interact with the candidate.  The final step in the process is a congregational vote to confirm the calling of the candidate.

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