The Victory of Jesus

As we come to the end of our summer series on the Gospel of Mark this section concludes with an account of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Our goal this summer has been to take a closer look at who Jesus is as he has revealed himself to us in the Scriptures. As one author puts it, “We live in a world that’s desperate for the real Jesus.” 

Mark’s account of Jesus death included five climatic events: the darkness, two of Jesus’ cries, the tearing of the temple veil, and the Roman centurion’s confession. 

Also, the resurrection of Jesus is the climax of Mark’s Gospel, as it is the high point of all the other Gospel accounts. Jesus vindicated his claims to being the Son of God by his resurrection from the dead.

Victory according to _____________  (Mark 15:21-32)

The Victory of _____________________ (Mark 15:33-41)

The Victory of _____________________ (Mark 15:42–16:8)

Our Victory ________________

Main Idea: Jesus accomplishes his victory as king not by coming down from the cross or avoiding death, but by enduring death and rising victoriously over it


If an elementary teacher asked a student to divide the class between winners and losers, what criteria would a typical student use to determine who belongs in which group? Which group do you think you’d be placed in based on those criteria?   


Read the crucifixion account in Mark 15:21-32. Why do you think that Mark includes these specific details about Jesus’ crucifixion? What does the crowds’ treatment of Jesus reveal about their assumptions of power and kingship? 

Read Mark 15:33-41 and think about how Mark communicates the spiritual significance of Jesus’ death. What details does he include? What do you think they mean? 

Read Mark 15:42-47. What happens to Jesus’ body after his crucifixion? Who verifies his death? Why is that important? 

Read Mark 16:1-8. Why were the women going to the tomb that morning, and what did they expect to find? How do they respond to the announcement that Jesus is risen? Why is it necessary that Jesus rise from the dead?


How would you explain what difference Jesus’ death and resurrection makes for the world? What difference has it made in your life?

Since Jesus defines victory through death and resurrection, are there any specific attitudes and/or actions you need to change in light of who Jesus is and what he has done? What is your next step with Jesus based on this passage?

ASSIGNMENT: With your group, memorize Mark 16:6, and reflect together on the hope of the resurrection.

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