The Riches of Repentance

Title: The Riches of Repentance

Summary: Christ saves the outcast and spreads His riches of mercy through repentant sinners

Key Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

  • CURIOUS sinner (verses 1-4)
  • SHOCKING invitation (verses 5-7)
  • RICH response (verses 8-10)
Discussion Guide:


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

Name some people who are viewed as ‘outcasts’ or ‘strangers’ in our world. How does Jesus’ interaction with outcasts in the book of Luke inform us about God’s heart for those whom society shuns?  


Read Luke 19:1-4 – Who is Zaccheus? Why is his title important? Do you know people who are ‘curious’ about Jesus from afar? How does the religious crowd sometimes try to keep those who are far from Jesus from coming close?

Read Luke 19:5-7 – What is striking about Jesus’ approaching Zaccheus? In light of John 10:14, what does this tell us about how Jesus meeting with Zaccheus? What is unique about Jesus inviting himself? What was the response of Zaccheus? The crowd? What does the difference in response show us?

Read Luke 19:8-10 – What was the result of Zaccheus’ life being changed? What about Jesus’ response? Why is Jesus pronouncement about being a ‘son of Abraham’ so important? Why is Jesus’ mission statement critical at this point and time in His ministry?


Our generosity is always in response to the grace of salvation in Christ. Why do we need to be reminded of Christ’s generosity towards us?

Consider the following quote: 

‘And, yes, daily hospitality can be expensive and even inconvenient. It compels us to care more for our church family and neighbors than our personal status in this world. Our monthly grocery bill alone reminds us that what humbles us cannot hurt us, but what puffs up our pride unwaveringly will.’ Rosaria Butterfield. The Gospel Comes with a House Key

Why is generosity about more than just ‘giving money?’ How can we display radical generosity with our possessions and time?

Recommended Resource: The Gospel Comes With a House Key – Rosaria Butterfield

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