Teaching Women at Heart of Iowa

Yvonne Jonas

“Being part of the Bible study at HOI has taught me the obedience of being a “seed scatterer” by sharing the gospel. Because the facility is a place of transition for these women, some women only come to our study once. Some come for a few weeks at best. Some come as seekers. Some come as professing believers. Some come because it will satisfy a recovery step requirement. Most of the women aren’t from the area so we will likely never see them again, this side of heaven. Yet we trust that God will water and grow the seeds that we scatter, as He promises in Isaiah 55:11.

Join us in praying for these women, that when they return home they will seek out a good church and a Bible study. Pray that the seeds we scatter will bear much fruit not only in the lives of these women but also in the lives of their children and extended families, to the praise of His glorious name!”  

Gayle Woods

“God has given me a true love for them and their children. Not just a ‘you poor thing’ attitude, but a true love for them and their children. Some have come and this has been their first week, or even night at HOI, so they are in a pretty bad way as far as coming off of whatever drugs and alcohol they have been on. But God has shown us how to love and care for them, even if its helping them to their apartment with their children in tow. 

There are so many precious things that happen. They are so very honest and open about what they need help with. Many prayer requests are heartbreaking: children that they long to be returned to them, strength to make it through recovery, relationships with their family members (often their moms), unborn babies they have lost. Just last week, one gal asked for prayer, her brother had committed suicide. We pray those requests out loud at the end, and then Yvonne and I pray for them throughout the week.Yvonne and I regularly look at each other when we get back in the parking lot and stand amazed at how God was present.” 

How have you grown and/or changed this past year? Where have you seen God at work in your life? Please take a moment to share your story with us!

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