Sharing Despite Fear

by Melissa Hoyt

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17.

Has the Gospel of Jesus Christ changed your life?  Have you shared this good news of Jesus Christ with others?  Do you ever feel scared of sharing this good news?

This past week I came across this video of a young child who has committed to following Jesus in the midst of suffering.  It has encouraged me to share the good news that Jesus has given me in my life no matter how scared or uncomfortable I am.  Check out this story of a young girl, Miriam, explaining how she has chosen to follow Jesus regardless of what happens around her.

If this child, in the midst of suffering and being run out of her home, can forgive and continue loving Jesus, surely we can love Jesus enough to share the Gospel with others!

God is the starting point, the vehicle, and the goal of the Gospel.

Here are ten Gospel truths that will help you share the Gospel with God at the center.  These are taken from a booklet that I’ve been studying called, “Helping Children to Understand the Gospel” by Michael, Nelson, and Burk.

The Ten Gospel Truths are:

  1. God is sovereign Creator of all things.
  2. God created people for His glory.
  3. God is holy and righteous.
  4. Man is sinful.
  5. God is just and is right to punish sin.
  6. God is merciful.  He is kind to undeserving sinners.
  7. Jesus is God’s holy and righteous Son.
  8. God put the punishment of sinners on Jesus.
  9. God offers the free gift of salvation to those who repent and believe in Jesus.
  10. Those who trust in Jesus will live to please Him and will receive the promise of eternal life–enjoying God forever in heaven.

Take some time to read through, meditate, and study these truths of the Gospel.

John 6:44a says, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.”  Praise God that it is He who draws people to Himself!  At times we think we have to have all the right words and be eloquent enough to share the Gospel, but we must remember that it is the Holy Spirit that opens people’s hearts to the Gospel.  God expects us to share the Gospel with others, but we must remember this:

“Ultimately, saving faith is not determined by our presentation of the message, or the manner in which we present it.  We are called to be faithful and “acquaint” our children with the sacred writings, but it is God alone who brings saving faith.  We can prepare the soil of a child’s heart.  We can plant the seed of the Gospel.  We can water the Gospel by explaining and reviewing its amazing truths.  But that Gospel seed will lie dormant in the heart of a child until God, if He wills it, by the power of the Holy Spirit causes that seed to burst forth into newness of life.”  pg. 1.31 “Helping Children to Understand the Gospel” by Michael, Nelson, and Burk.

I’ll leave you with one more story of a girl who lives in a restricted country and how she has suffered for following Christ.  Yet, Julie continues to follow Jesus and thank Him for salvation in the midst of her suffering.  Here’s Julie’s story:

Let these stories encourage you to pray for those who suffer for the cause of the Gospel and to encourage you to be bold and tell others about the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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