Proverbs Series

Feel unprepared to face life’s challenges and make the most of God- given opportunities?

Get the wisdom you need and the knowledge you’re seeking by studying the book of Proverbs with us this summer.

We challenge you to end this summer wiser than you started it. You may not think it’s possible, but God promises His wisdom to those who search for it.

Look for ways you can “Get Wisdom” this summer:

  • Memorize Scripture: Each week we will have a suggested memory verse coordinating with the passage we’re studying. Memorize this verse or any other verse. Write the reference on a white paper heart (found at Ministry Desk) and hang it on the tree in the lobby and/or share your verse in a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ProverbsSeries
    Find the Verse of the week on our blog: Next Steps Blog
  • Read a Proverb a Day: There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs. Read one chapter each day according to the day of the month. Find a reading plan on YouVersion Bible App!
  • Seek Accountability:  Engage a friend in your quest for wisdom. Make a list of areas you are seeking wisdom. As you read through Proverbs, note the verses that speak to your need. Talk with your friend about what you are learning. Pray together for God to fill you with His wisdom

If you’re not already a part of a LIFE Group consider joining one today!  LIFE Groups are a great way to study God’s Word and build authentic relationships.

Graphic Credit: © FABIO C. FAVALORO

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