4 Chair Discipling Seminar

Saturday, August 19 from 8:30am-12:30pm

Jesus recognized the people He encountered were at different stages of growth and development and He worked to challenge each of them to the next level. In the 4 Chair Discipling Seminar, you will get a clear and simple picture of how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and do the same thing.

The following questions will be answered during the 4 Chair Discipling Seminar:

  • What is a disciple?
  • What is a disciple’s mission?
  • What is a disciple’s motivation?
  • What is the process of becoming a disciple who makes disciples?
  • Where am I in the disciple-making process?
  • What are my next steps?


  • $25 for individuals or a couple sharing a manual, or …
  • $40 for couples with two manuals, or…
  • No charge if you have attended a previous 4 Chair Discipling Seminar

Register Here

**4 Chair Discipling is from “4 Chair Discipling: Growing a Movement of Disciple Makers” by Dann L. Spader

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