Everyone has FEELINGS about what will happen in the end times. For many it leads to WORRY. For some it leads to ACTION. Join us as we study what the book of Revelation tells us about the future.

Take note of God’s WARNINGS and be comforted by His PROMISES. Find the ultimate source of POWER and HOPE

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*Audio messages are available by Sunday afternoon after the conclusion of our worship services on our Audio Playlist page. Video messages are typically available toward the end of the week

June 12, 2016 “Come Quickly, Lord Jesus” Pastor Randy Scheil

God’s promise for our future impacts the way we live today Sermon Notes

May 29, 2016 “Heaven, the New Jerusalem” Pastor Keith Knight

God is making all things new, restoring everything in Creation. He invites us to answer the question, ‘Am I a conqueror, or a coward?’ Sermon Notes

May 22, 2016 “Triumph and the Final Judgment” Pastor Randy Scheil

God will ultimately defeat and destroy all enemies and the Lamb will reign with His saints Sermon Notes

May 15, 2016 “Babylon and the Victorious Warrior” Pastor Randy Scheil

Though our world’s attractions are seductive, Christ followers are called to worship God and be prepared for the marriage supper of the Lamb Sermon Notes

May 8, 2016 “The Delivery” Pastor Randy Scheil

God’s final judgments will be delivered on earth while shouts of victory resound in heaven Sermon Notes

May 1, 2016 “Be on the Alert” Pastor Robin Tyner

Christ has defeated the devil and will help us persevere until He ultimately prevails Sermon Notes

April 24, 2016 “A Sour Stomach” Pastor Randy Scheil

God is working His plan and neither cosmic evil nor human sin will hinder Him from accomplishing His will and preserving His witnesses Sermon Notes

April 17, 2016 “The Ultimate Avenger” Pastor Keith Knight

God will reveal His justice in history – the wicked will run from Him, and His people will rest in Him Sermon Notes

April 3, 2016 “Always Be Ready” Pastor Randy Scheil

How do we overcome fear when we serve Christ in an environment hostile to our faith? Sermon Notes

March 27, 2016 “The Lamb on His Throne” Pastor Randy Scheil

We are safe in the hands of the One who bought us with His blood and is in control of our future so worship Him! Sermon Notes

March 25, 2016 “Who’s at the Door?” Pastor Randy Scheil

It’s possible to be religious but have no spiritual fire

March 20, 2016 “Hold On!” Pastor Jason Poling

Jesus is pleased when we are faithful to Him in our obedience and witness in spite of being despised by the world around us Sermon Notes

March 13, 2016 “Dead Men Walking” Pastor Keith Knight

Christ calls His people to ‘wake up’ and walk worthy in the new life they’ve been given Sermon Notes

March 6, 2016 “When is Compromise Unhealthy?” Pastor Randy Scheil

Jesus values our spiritual growth but confronts unhealthy moral compromise for in the gospel we have kingdom authority and His abiding presence Sermon Notes

February 27-28, 2016 “Whom Will You Serve?” Pastor Randy Scheil

Jesus affirms His church for courageous witness but warns against conforming to destructive pressures Sermon Notes

February 20-21, 2016 “Comfort in Suffering” Pastor Robin Tyner

Jesus knows our suffering and comforts us in the midst of it Sermon Notes

February 13-14, 2016 “Don’t Give Up on Love” Pastor Randy Scheil

Jesus affirms hard work, perseverance and Bible knowledge but wants us to repent of our failure to love and take action Sermon Notes

February 6-7, 2016 “A Mysterious Vision” Pastor Randy Scheil

In Revelation God reveals life’s battles overcome by His plans and purposes in Christ Sermon Notes


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