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“I AM” Statement #4

The “I AM” statements of Jesus are essentials for a growing disciple. By learning them we find our security and significance, not in the people around us, but in our relationship with Christ. Take a walk in John’s Gospel and enjoy a deeper relationship with the One who loves us.

Read: John 11:20-27

Discussion Guide:

BIG IDEA: Do you believe Jesus is the resurrection and the life…the One from God who will defeat Death for you?


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from these Scriptures?

Try to get into the shoes of Martha.  How would you feel in her situation?  Have you ever felt like God didn’t “show up” or show up on time for you in a difficult situation?  How did you process through this?  How did Martha?


Why is it so crucial to everything about our faith to believe that God is good (discuss Heb. 11:6 and James chapter 1)?  What happens to us and our faith when we don’t believe God is being good to us (see Jam. 1:13-16)?  What is it about the experience of death that really tests us on this issue?

Why is it that the vibrancy of our faith can feel so lifeless even when we believe in all the orthodox tenants of our faith?Think about the Pharisees.  They were so theologically right on so much (Acts 23:8; Matt. 5:20).  But they were so far from God (Matt. 23:27-28)?  How could this be?  What were they missing?

Death is a very personal enemy.  Satan uses it to enslave us to fear (Heb. 2:15-16), which keeps us from vibrant, life-giving faith in our good God.  How is it more helpful to our faith to see that resurrection and life are not just truths to believe but a Person who personally fought and defeated Death and Satan for us?


Are there parts of your Christian faith where you simply affirm the correct truths about God, but feel no real connection to God on account of these truths?  What are they?  If you are normal (like Martha, Mary, Thomas and the rest of us struggling, but growing Christians), you probably have many of these impersonal, lifeless beliefs.  

What can you do to see Jesus as the Person behind and in all these truths?  What can you do to have a deeper relational faith in Christ as your Resurrection and Life?


Make a list of the truths that you believe in but that do not excite a deeper love for Christ within your soul.  Pray that you will see Jesus and His love for you in these truths.  Ask your group members to pray for you as well.

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