Resources for Sharing Jesus with Your Kids

Looking for ways to talk with your children about God? Here are some helpful resources to use when sharing the gospel with your kids and incorporating the gospel message into your everyday family life.
“Helping Children to Understand the Gospel” by Sally Michael, Jill Nelson, and Bud Burk of Children Desiring God.  This book is a little more in depth and is a great resource.  In this first half, adults can study how children come to understand the gospel; this is good to read alone.  But the second half of the book provides devotionals that can be done as a family to go through the ten Gospel truths that are presented.  This book lays out the Gospel clearly for children and adults alike.  Get this book today!

Desiring God

“What is the Gospel?” by Mandy Groce.
This is a great illustrated book to go through with your children that explains what the Gospel is in simple terms, but is presented in a visual way too.   The book walks through some of the basics of what the Gospel is including being part of God’s Kingdom; the Gospel being a gift, and how the Gospel is accomplished through the Cross.  This book is a great place to start with especially your young kids in explaining the Gospel.  Get your copy HERE today!

“The Cross of Christ” by John Stott, this is a great book for adults on ways to be more Christ-centered in life.
“The Wingfeather Saga” (there are 4 books) by Andrew Peterson, Christ-Centered themes, fun for the whole family
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