Reaching Their Hearts & Minds

by Melissa Hoyt

I sit here in my office, planning for the Fall.  I love Fall. The start of school, the start of a new schedule and routine.  I even like the promise of cooler temperatures.

Fall also brings the startup of new classes in Stonebridge Kids.  I love seeing the teachers and helpers come back after the summer break.  Excitement is in the air!  The love of Christ is spilling out of the volunteers as they are get ready to teach a new group of kids this year.

Recently, I came across an article entitled, “6 ways to reach the minds and hearts of kids”  which states,

“Kids need to experience and be in relationships within God’s family
as they learn about God’s love.” 

How are you doing at building relationships with the kids in your care? Do you communicate that you care as a parent or are you so busy ‘taking care’ of your kids, that you don’t stop and listen to them?  As a teacher, do you make sure kids know you care about them not just teaching them a lesson?  Do you encourage critical thinking in your kids and help them through tough situations by looking at what God’s Word says about their struggles?

We can reach the minds and hearts of children by: communicating care, focusing on the goal, relying on scripture, being clear and concise, encouraging critical thinking, and knowing kids’ needs. These tips are helpful for parents and teachers alike as they disciple the children in their care.

The new school year is a great time to re-evaluate and pray about how to reach the minds and hearts of our kids.  Pray about how God will use you this year in reaching the lives of kids.    Let’s go out and reach into the minds and hearts of the children around us!

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