Q & A With Jesus

Jerusalem at Passover season was the delight of the Jews and the despair of the Romans. Thousands of devout Jews from all over the world would arrive in Jerusalem. Into this situation came God’s Servant with less than a week remaining before he would be crucified outside the city walls. 

In the days that followed, the representatives of the religious and political establishment descended on Jesus as he ministered in the temple, trying their best to trip him up with their questions. Jesus answered four questions, and then he asked them a question that silenced them for good

Scripture: Mark 11:1-12:44
Jesus exposes _______ spirituality (Mark 11:27-12:12)
Isaiah 5:1-7; Psalm 118:22-23

Jesus defines t_______ spirituality (Mark 12:13-34)
What about t______ (Mark 12:13-17)?

What about the r________ (Mark 12:18-27)?
Deuteronomy 25:5-6; Exodus 3:6, 15-16

What about the l________ (Mark 12:28-34)?
Deuteronomy 6:4-5; Leviticus 19:18

Beware of R_______ H_________ (Mark 12:35-44)

How do you define me (Mark 12:35-37; Psalm 110:1)?

A warning (Mark 12:38-40)!

Main Idea: Jesus exposes hypocritical spirituality but exalts the humble


Who are contemporary “authorities” who influence public opinion, media, politics, economics and religion? What do you observe about their values? How do these values differ from the values of the Kingdom of God? 

Read Mark 11:27-33. Why did religious leaders question Jesus’ authority (Mark 11:1-26)? Why did he respond with a question of his own? 

How does this relate to Jesus’ parable of the vineyard (Mark 12:1-12; Isa. 5:1-2)? What does Jesus say about God, false spirituality of religious leaders and the consequences that will come? 


Read Mark 12:13-17. Who are the two groups questioning Jesus and why is this significant? What were they trying to get Jesus to do? What does Jesus mean by his answer? 

Read Mark 12:18-27. What are the Sadducees and what do they believe? What are they trying to accomplish in their hypothetical case study based on Moses words in Deuteronomy 25:5-6? What two things did Jesus say about them (12:24) and why? 

Read Mark 12:28-34. What is the tone of this religious leader? What does his question and Jesus’ answer tell us about the relationship between the OT Law and the gospel of Christ? 


Read Mark 12:35-44. What issue is behind Jesus’ question (12:35-37)? What point is he making by quoting Psalm 110:1? How will the answer to this question answer all the others (11:27-34)? 

Many believe the big sins are things like immoral sex, drug use or murder. What are big sins to Jesus (Mark 12:38-40)? Why is religious hypocrisy so offensive to him? How do people use religion to make themselves look good to others? How have you been tempted to do this? 

Assignment: Memorize Mark 12:29-31. How did the widow’s offering illustrate the Great Commandment? What was Jesus’ response when he saw her? After listening to Jesus, how will you define true spirituality?

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