Our Gift to God

Join us this weekend for our final message in Romans “God’s Expanding Grace” We will see why God’s plan is amazing in its scope and its impact, provoking our worship!

Read: Romans 11:33-36

Main Idea: Worship is our response to the God of mercy, wisdom and knowledge!


What are your expectations of worship? How would you define what worship is? How did this message clarify your thinking, or even correct some misconceptions?

How does Romans 9-11 change your view of the Jewish people?


Review Romans 11:11-32 from last week. Have you ever felt prideful about your salvation (11:18) or even that God was blessed by you becoming a Christian (11:19)? What is the danger of thinking we deserve God’s grace (11:20-21)?

How have you been “wise in your own sight” (Rom. 11:25)?

How might Romans 11:29 give you confidence in God’s Word when you feel insecure?


Paul concludes Romans 9-11 with a hymn of praise (11:33-36). What has made him so thrilled about God at the end?

In what ways have you seen the beauty of God’s grace in the lives of others?

Assignment: Meditate on the truths of Romans 9-11. Let them lead you to praise God for his character and his works. Think about the fact that “worship is our response to God’s revelation.” How will thinking deeply about God and knowing him better change the way you view worship on a daily basis and with the assembled congregation on weekends?

Next Week: ADVENT SERIES – “I AM” The claims of Jesus activate our spiritual growth for in them Jesus reveals his deity and power. Knowing him makes us more secure, trusting him rather than people or circumstances.

Ever had to miss church and wish you could have been there?  Have a friend you want to invite who is hesitant to step foot into a church? Suffering from a long term illness and can’t attend? We want to help.

To reach more people with the good news of Christ, Stonebridge Church is live streaming the message portion of our services every Sunday morning. Tune in at 11:05A ~ the replay is available hourly throughout the week [Watch Online]

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