October Family Questions & Activities

October Family Questions:

Each week as a family, read the passage being preached on before you attend a weekend service.

October 3-4  “The Daniel Diet”  Daniel 1:1-21

October 10-11 “Interpreting Dreams”  Daniel 2:1-49

October 17-18 “Feeling the Heat”  Daniel 3:1-20

October 24-25 “Personal Crisis” Daniel 4:1-37

Ask the following questions after reading each passage as a family:

  • What are some observations from the passage? Repeated words?   Structure?  What do you see?
  • What questions do you have from the passage? What do these verses mean?
  • What applications does God want me to make for my life?

Family Activity for Daniel 3:1-20

Materials needed:  Candle, metal tongs, several small items to burn (piece of chalk, polyester, plastic, strawberry top, piece of cloth, a paper clip, pine needles, plastic clip, a piece of hair, etc.)

Also have a bowl of water to put out the items that caught fire.

Light the candle and have each family member take turns choosing an item to see what burned and what would not burn.

Once family members see how easy it is for cloth and hair to burn, talk about the miracle that happened with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  Not even one hair on their bodies was burned.  God saved them from the fiery furnace.  Talk about how God takes care of us in our lives.

“Fiery Furnace Snacks”

Materials Needed:  Graham Crackers, Frosting, Pretzels, Candy Corn.

Put frosting on the graham cracker for the “fire”.  Put broken up pretzels on the frosting for the “wood” in the fire.  Put candy corn on the frosting for the “four in the fire”.  Enjoy while you talk about the story of Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego.

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