November Family Questions & Activity

Family Questions:
Each week as a family, read the passage being preached on before you attend a weekend service.

November 7-8  “Dangerous Decisions”  Daniel 6:1-28
November 14-15 “Kingdom Conflict”  Daniel 7:1-28
November 21-22 “Power Encounter”  Daniel 8:1-27
November 28-29 “Prayer and Prophecy” Daniel 9:1-27

Ask the following questions after reading each passage as a family:
1. What are some observations from the passage? Repeated words?   Structure?  What do you see?
2. What questions do you have from the passage? What do these verses mean?
3. What applications does God want me to make for my life?

Family Activity for Daniel 5:1-31

Materials needed:  candle, half a lemon, bowl, water, paper, spoon, q-tip.

Squeeze lemon juice into a bowl. Add a few drops of water.  Stir with spoon.  Dip q-tip in mixture and write MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN on one paper.  Write HONOR GOD on another paper.  Let them dry until invisible.

Turn out the lights in your house.  Have one candle burning and positioned near to a wall where you can hang both pieces of paper.  Stand in the darkness and try to only show your hand as you act like you are writing on the papers.  Then hold the candle close to the papers until the secret messages appear.

Talk about what the words mean with your kids (see 5:25-28). Ask them what Belshazzar did wrong.  Discuss what it means to truly honor God and be humble before Him.

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