Next Steps

Celebrate Connect Contribute

“The Mission of Stonebridge Church is to walk alongside each person we meet as they take their next step with Jesus”

Celebrate (Worship)

We invite all we meet to celebrate Jesus Christ with us. Our worship times are Saturday’s at 5 PM and Sunday’s at 9:00 and 10:45 AM.  If it’s your first time visiting us, fill out an Information Card from the seat pocket and stop by our Ministry Desk so we can give you a small gift as our way of saying thanks for being our guest. For more information about our church, activities, staff, ministries or services, consider attending a welcome luncheon.

Connect (Community)

We believe the church is the place where God connects His people together into a family. We connect in many venues but primarily in home gatherings in every neighborhood of our region. We have a place for you.

Contribute (Serve)

Every person has an important part in the Kingdom Mission of Christ. God has given you a unique way to actively serve Him. If you’re not sure what area would be the best fit for you, we’d love to help you discover your gift and get involved in His mission.

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