My Story, God’s Story – Kenny Mensen

Regularly attending Catholic church throughout my childhood, I learned to believe in God and was taught if I was a good person I would go to heaven.  But until a few years ago, my time in church wasn’t complete — my body was there, but my mind and soul were focused elsewhere.

A Change in Direction

Throughout the years Kathy and I were raising out three children, we attended church because that’s what we thought we were supposed to do. I was involved in serving at church, so I thought I would be ok in God’s eyes. I would miss services for awhile until something would happen and I thought God was punishing me so I would return to church. This scenario repeated several times.  It wasn’t’ until Kathy started attending a Bible study at a different church that I started to question my true beliefs. Kathy was growing in her faith. I attended her church a few times and liked how the message was directly from scripture. I knew there had to be more to getting into heaven than being good and attending church.

So, after hearing some neighbors talk about their church, we decided to give Stonebridge a try.

Seeing God at Work

When we listened to Pastor Randy’s message, it was like he was talking about us to us. After the service, Pastor Robin greeted us and asked some background questions. Then he asked if there was anything he could pray for us and he prayed right there.  There was a change — my mind was there with my body.

We continued to attend weekly because if we didn’t go for some reason we felt we missed something. After attending Christianity Explored, we joined a LIFE Group where we
actually shared our faith with others. I never realized how good that could feel.  I also joined the Thursday morning Men’s group and started to build relationships with other men by talking about our faith and how God works in our lives.

Peace & New Priorities

The first Easter service at Stonebridge, I came to realize what Jesus dying on the cross really meant.  The ultimate sacrifice.  It helped me understand that the path to Heaven and eternal life was through Jesus’s death, not just leading a good life and attending church.

Accepting this has brought a lot of peace and change in my life.  Today I think about the people and events God put in my life and He is changing me for His glory.  I have new priorities and can feel God helping me through hard times as I rely on Him.  I know God will provide for all I need.

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