March Family Resources

If you’ve had a hard time keeping up with that New Year’s Resolution of family devotions or being intentional about teaching Biblical truth to your kids, now might be the time to begin again.  Try out these suggested resources from Pastor Jason for family and personal spiritual growth.
1. Catechisms are important to ensure our kids become saturated with God’s Truth.  An easily accessible one is “New City Catechism.”  You can download it for Android or iOS.  It asks one question a week that your kids answer.  We run through the questions nearly every night with my kids.  It is truly amazing how easy it is for my kids to retain these truths.  It also opens the door to some great discussions about God and His Word.  The app also includes a memory verse, a prayer, and a song for each question.  
2.  I am currently reading Jonathan Edwards’ Charity and Its Fruits: Christian Love as Manifested in the Heart and Life.  If you really want to learn how to be both grace and truth focused, this is the book to read.  Try to find the most updated, modern English version.  An abridgment wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  
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