Love in Action

“Grace Church” – A Series on Romans 12-16

The gospel of Christ not only brings good news of God’s grace for undeserving people, it also transforms the way we relate to each other and our world.

Read: Romans 12:9-21

Be eager to LOVE each other (Romans 12:9-11)

Seek to help those who are in NEED (Romans 12:12-13)

Repay cursing with BLESSING (Romans 12:14-16)

Overcome evil with GOOD (Romans 12:17-21)

MAIN IDEA: Genuine love in action is the best way to overcome the the evil in our world.


Who are some people you know, or know about, that have demonstrated a radical and biblical form of love?

Share with your group what spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures. How does this passage connect with what Paul said in Romans 12:1-2?


Read Romans 12:9-21. In this passage Paul summarized true discipleship in terms of our five key relationships: to God, to the world, to ourselves, to other believers, and to non-believers. What observations can you make?

Read Romans 12:9-16. Is it important to recognize that love is a command and not just a feeling? If we obey the command without the feelings are we being hypocritical? Do I abhor what is evil, or do I play around with it? How about do I hold fast to what is good?

Read Romans 12:17-21. What are some subtle forms of revenge-seeking that Christians practice against those who have harmed them? Does Scripture require us to carry on a relationship with a difficult person?


Of the over 20 commands listed which two are the easiest for you to keep? Which two are the most difficult? What can we learn from Jesus’ example of radical love toward others? (See I Peter 2:21-25)

When you think about your own spiritual life when have grown the most? When have you seen spikes in your growth? What role did trials or hard times play in facilitating your growth? (See James 1:2-4).

Identify those relationships where you need to grow in love—it may be a family member, a co-worker, a neighbor, then commit to begin loving those people as Christ has commanded. Pray for each other as you seek to love others well.

ASSIGNMENT: If you haven’t already take the G.I.F.T.S. assessment which will help you learn more about your gifts, your personality, and how God has wired you to serve others, please do so.

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Time flies” and we know it’s true.  Our families are continually growing and changing.  At the end of our time, we want to look back and know that we spend our time in the best way – growing in our knowledge of and our love for Christ.

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