Groups and Classes


Groups are a great place to connect with other believers for prayer, encouragement, accountability and spiritual growth. In each of our groups, you will look into the Bible and learn how to apply Gods truths to your specific circumstances and how to share these truths with others. You can choose from men's, women's, and coed groups on a variety of days throughout the week.


Classes will help you meet new people at Stonebridge, and take your next steps with Jesus.  Whether you are just beginning to explore Christianity, wanting to grow stronger in your faith or are ready to start teaching others what you've learned, Stonebridge classes will help you apply God's Word to your everyday life and equip you to share Christ with others around you.  A variety of classes are offered on Sunday mornings and a few throughout the week from September-May. During the summer months, join us each Sunday in the Lobby at 10:00 AM for a relaxed time of connection and fellowship

Connection Groups

Stay connected to the life and ministry at Stonebridge. Whether it's through prayer, serving, or sharing, these groups are a great place to join other like-minded believers as we seek to live out our mission

Women's Growth Groups

At Stonebridge one of our Learning Communities for women is Women's Growth Groups. They are designed for regular, spiritual conversations with 1-3 other women and are not intended to compete with or replace the unique work of other learning communities. Rather, they are designed to complement the spiritually formative work taking place in the other settings


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