Kristina’s Story

*Editor’s Note: In honor of national Orphan Sunday, November 8, this special edition of the Next Steps Family Spotlight highlights a family who has been blessed by the ministry of Safe Families, a para-church organization supported by Stonebridge Church. You can learn more about Safe Families HERE.

“I thought to myself, ‘I may not survive this…but if I don’t, I can see the love of God in these people and I know I can trust them with my son.’”

This is what was going through Kristina’s head as she first met Mike and Mel and their family while she lay in the hospital fighting for both her own life and the life of her unborn little girl.  As a single mom struggling through complications of an at-risk pregnancy, Kristina felt scared and helpless when she was hospitalized and didn’t have dependable, trustworthy care for her young son, Gilbert.

After talking with a social worker, Kristina was relieved she had options and would not have to get DHS involved. It was then she decided to give Safe Families a try. She was a new Christian at the time, and didn’t know much about God, but she knew she needed His help.

“God worked it out flawlessly,” Kristina explained.  Three days after meeting with Mike and Mel, the Safe Families guardians for Gilbert, Kristina was rushed into emergency surgery and delivered her little girl Faith, at 26 weeks weighing 1 pound 15 oz.  Faith remained in the NICU for 87 days and throughout that time, Mike and Mel were a true God-send to Kristina.

“They gave Gilbert the opportunity to just be a kid in the midst of all the stress that was going on in our lives,” Kristina explained.

Even after Kristina was able to begin caring for Gilbert at home again, Mike and Mel have stayed involved with the family and have continued to have a powerful impact on their lives.

“Their support for me and my kids didn’t stop,” Kristina shared. She has continued to face many challenges with Faith’s medical needs, Gilbert’s need for specialized schooling and now the concerning development of enlarged lymph nodes throughout her own body.  Through it all, she recounts how Mike and Mel have been God’s hands and feet at so many points along the way.

“I never knew they would be used at so many vital times throughout this journey.  After living my whole life with next to no one there for me, Mike and Mel have been proof of God’s love.  I have seen the powerful blessings that result when people move when God says to move.”

Kristina shared that her experience with Safe Families has truly changed her life in ways she could never imagine.  She hopes that her story can be a “call to action” for the church to be involved in other people’s lives and love as Jesus loves.

“Mel has told me how much this experience has strengthened her faith,” shared Kristina, “and that is so humbling to me, because I’m just hanging on to Him for dear life.”

God has brought Kristina to a place where she is trusting in Him fully for the future and she credits Safe Families for playing a key role in her spiritual growth.

To learn more of Kristina’s powerful story of God’s provision and blessing, join us this weekend at Stonebridge as we celebrate Orphan Weekend and hear more about local agencies helping to be Christ’s hands and feet to those in need.  All are welcome to worship with us on Saturday at 5 p.m. and Sunday at 9:00 & 10:45 a.m.

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