Stonebridge Kids

At Stonebridge, we believe kids should enjoy learning about Jesus and His love for them

We Love Kids!

It’s our job and a privilege to serve them well!

We are passionate about kids learning about Jesus in a way that they can understand. Join the fun and experience a place where kids meet Jesus on their level

Regular Schedule

Sundays: Nursery – 5th Grade 
Wednesdays: Through November 11 
Pre-School – 5th grade (6-8 PM)

Family 5th

When a month has a 5th Sunday, we will celebrate with a family-oriented service highlighting child dedication, baptism and family-style worship. As a whole church family, we will celebrate with those who are taking their next step in baptism and parents who are committing to raising their children to know and love Jesus. Nursery – Preschool ministries will be provided for young children

Security & Check In

We make your child’s safety a priority with a detailed check-in process. You can pre-register your kids below or leave yourself an extra 10 minutes on your first visit to allow time to register & check-in. If you’re a regular, download the church center app and save time by pre-checking your kids! 

Stonebridge families grow together in the knowledge and love of Jesus