How to Engage Your Kids this Summer

by Melissa Hoyt

Summer is here!  Now what do you do with all that time you have with the kids home from school?

I have some ideas that will help you engage with your kids on a fun and spiritual level. Almost everyone has some kind of technological device that can download Apps, so why not try one of these Apps to help engage with your kids!

Bible App for Kids:  an interactive Bible Story App that will entertain your kids for hours.

The Shorter Catechism:  Why not learn more about church theology with your kids this summer?  This little App will help you and your kids answer questions like “What is God?” and “What is the chief end of man?”.

Fighter Verses:  Here’s a great App to memorize scripture with your kids.  There are also fun songs and quizzes that go along with each of the verses!

D6 Family:  This family Curriculum has devotions you can do each week and also Fun Family Questions to ask your kids when you are at home or on a trip!

Going on a long car ride?  Check out Adventures in Odyssey for Christian audio dramas.  Adventures in Odyssey is great for the whole family!  You can listen online or get one of the many cds they offer:

Ways to engage with your kids through church:

Backyard Bible Clubs:  Register your kids for one of our three clubs, volunteer, or just sit back and watch as a parent to see as your kids learn about PROOF Pirates this summer!  Check out our website for more information:

Sermon Notes:  Did you know there are sermon notes for kids when you come into one of our worship services?  Pick one up today and help your child fill out their sermon notes just like the adults are doing!

 Serve:  Summer is a great opportunity to volunteer with your children.  Sign up to be a Parent Helper or serve with your kids for one of our Stonebridge Kids weekend services this summer.  Kids begin seeing the importance of serving when they see you serve.


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