How to Be Good at Life

by Pastor Robin Tyner

I think all of us would agree we lack wisdom and could use more of it. The Bible says God is the source of wisdom and He’s willing to give it, but we need to go get it. So our goal this summer is to “Get Wisdom!” We have begun a 12 week summer series in the book of Proverbs called “Get Wisdom!” and we’re already seeing the fruits of studying its valuable truths.

One of the best benefits of getting wisdom is that it helps us face life’s challenges. Its 31 chapters provide insight into topics like anger management, sexuality, tongue-control, business ethics, alcohol abuse, pride and many more. In a nutshell, Proverbs teaches us how to be good at life.

Summarizing Proverbs is a challenge because unlike other books of the Bible it has no particular plot or story line. Plus, its’ main character is divine wisdom that transcends all history, peoples, and cultures. The wisdom it presents isn’t some impersonal force but an attribute of God that He used to create the world. And anyone can access this wisdom and use it to create a successful life.

You may wonder why study a book written so long ago.  How could it apply to our lives today? It’s because then, and now, life is a series of choices, and we need help in making good choices. That’s what this book does. I’m amazed even though Proverbs was written almost 3,000 years ago it’s still considered the gold standard for help in making wise choices. That’s why we need to know what it says.

The world says live and learn. God says learn and then live. Proverbs helps us learn to live in a way that honors God. And it provides grace for sinners and hope for failures. So, we are in for a treat this summer as we learn from this book.

Here are some ways to Get Wisdom from Proverbs: 

Scripture Memory – The Tree of Life Challenge. Each week memorize a verse from Proverbs. Once your memorized the verse, write the reference on a white paper heart and hang it on the tree we’re calling the TREE OF LIFE in the lobby. This can be a great thing to do with your family, your LIFE Group, or with a friend. During the summer it will be exciting to see the Tree of Life, and our hearts, fill up with wisdom from God’s Word!

HERE is a list of suggested memory verses from Proverbs.

Read A Proverbs A Day – There are 31 chapters in Proverbs. Read a chapter a day corresponding with the day of the month. If you read a chapter a day by the end of our series you’ll have read the book almost 2 ½ times.

And as you’re reading look for Jesus in the pages of Proverbs. The Bible says Christ has become for us wisdom from God…” (I Corinthians 1:30). Since Jesus Christ is God’s wisdom in human form it shouldn’t be hard to find Him in a book about wisdom.

Look for Jesus in the pages of Proverbs and you will find Him and you will get wisdom!  Join us each weekend as we learn more about how to gain God’s wisdom so we can live our lives to honor and glorify Him.

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