Winter Blues

One in five people will suffer from mental illness in their lifetime. Even if you’ve never experienced depression or anxiety personally, you probably know someone who does. In January, we’ll examine the causes of mental health issues, discover coping strategies in Scripture and identify internal drivers that can be overcome to be healthy again. Our goal is to encourage you and give you hope through the winter doldrums!

*Audio messages are available by Sunday afternoon after the conclusion of our worship services on our Audio Playlist page.

January 7-8 “The Darkness of Depression” 1 Kings 19

Elijah was an amazing prophet but he wasn’t immune to depression. Are we at risk?

January 14-15 “Help in Our Sorrow” Isaiah 53:2-6

Our loving Father has an approach to life that helps us through dark days.

January 21-22 “Looking Within” Ephesians 5:15-21

Depression’s darkness is a warning light to make us more self-aware. What is driving us?

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