He Hears Your Cry

Title: He Hears Your Cry

Summary: Give glory to our King daily and enjoy Him forever!

Key Scripture: Psalm 145

Message Notes:

There are three reasons to praise God no matter what we face (Psalm 145:1-20)

  • Praise our King for his GREATNESS (145:1-7)
  • Praise our King for his COMPASSIONATE and ETERNAL reign (145:8-13)

Exodus 34:6; Jonah 4:2, 11

  • Praise our King for his dependability (145:14-20)
  • He helps the WEAK and HUNGRY (145:14-16)
  • He HEARS and ANSWERS prayer (145:17-19)
  • He PROTECTS those who are his own (145:20)

So, praise our King (Psalm 145:21)


If you were to write a psalm of your life today, what would be the theme: Fear, uncertainty, sorrow, happiness, weariness, hope, despair, love, hate? Share this with your group and tell why.

Read Psalm 145 out loud. What are the attributes of God highlighted in this psalm? How does the title immediately tell us the purpose for which it was written?


Read Psalm 145:1-7. Why does God deserve to be praised? How is God great? How is God’s greatness described in Isaiah 40:12-31 (have someone read it to the group).

Read Psalm 145:8-13. The psalmist points to our King’s “goodness” twice (145:7,9). How has God expressed His goodness throughout the Bible? How do you see His goodness today? Why does the writer make a big deal about God’s kingdom reign? Why is this important to us as Christians?

Psalm 145:8 is a widely quoted verse in the Old Testament. Read two: Moses (Exodus 34:6) and Jonah (4:2, 11). What are the circumstances that led to God’s revealing his mercy in these stories?

Randy pointed out three ways that God is faithful to us in Psalm 145:14-20. Which one is most meaningful to you and why?


How does Psalm 145:4 encourage us to be faithful in having family devotions and prayer? What has been most helpful to you in your devotions?

How do we answer those who say that God is not always dependable (unemployment, hunger, health problems and inadequate health insurance)? What can we learn about God and His care for us when we go through lean times?

What can we learn about prayer and meditation from this psalm? How does 145:20 give us a motive for bold witness?


Use Psalm 145 as a means of conversational “popcorn” prayer with your group. Have one person mention a specific thing and then have another pick up where the first left off. Limit your time of prayer to expressions of praise. Give thanks for our study of the Psalms.

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