He Hears Me

Title: He Hears Me

Summary: When the trials of life overwhelm you, pray, for God hears and comes to your aid

Key Scripture: Psalm 6

When overwhelmed by the trials of life, what can we do? (Psalm 6:1-7)

  • Pray for GOD’S GRACE (6:1-3)
  • Pray for GOD’S UNFAILING LOVE (6:4-5)
  • Pray with HONEST EMOTIONS (6:8-10)

What happens when people pray? (Psalm 6:8-10)

Discussion Guide:


This is Father’s Day weekend. As you were growing up, did your family express emotions very well? How so? How were negative emotions handed?

Read Psalm 6 in different translations. What emotions did King David express as he prayed?


Read Psalm 6:1-7 again. Why is David so sick with grief? Is God punishing him for sin, or is David just afraid that God is against him (6:1-2)? Why has God not answered him?

What does David believe about God (6:2,4)? What does he believe about death (6:5)? What does David mean when he says “My eyes waste away” (6:7)? Do you think he is saying he feels like he’s in the dark? Or that God is not being fair? Or that it seems hopeless?  

Read Psalm 6:8-10. Why is there a change in tone? What do you think changed for David to view his circumstances differently? How does he know God has answered him?


Have you ever felt overwhelmed with life’s circumstances in regard to your health, a family conflict, or difficulties at work? Have you ever prayed for God’s help and healing and not received it?

What in your life makes you cry out to God, “How long, O Lord?” Why does God seem to wait so long to answer some prayers?

Do you ever see God as “an angry judge”? How does this psalm help you find hope in the midst of difficult circumstances? How will you pray differently as a result of studying Psalm 6?


This weekend we celebrate the ministry of Pastor Jason and Gwen Poling for their ten years of service to Stonebridge. Pastor Jason has helped instruct leaders and provided Biblical Counseling in line with Psalm 6 for many. Spend some time with your group recalling the blessings of the Poling’s ministry. Then lift them up in prayer as they begin their ministry in California

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