Gray Areas

“Grace Church” – A Series on Romans 12-16

The gospel of Christ not only brings good news of God’s grace for undeserving people, it also transforms the way we relate to each other and our world.

Please Note: The audio is soft at the beginning of “Gray Areas”, but is corrected for the remainder of the message

Title: Gray Areas

Summary: Our freedom in Christ should always pursue the good of the weak, following the example of Christ

Key Scripture: Romans 14:13-23


How should Christians use their freedom?

  1. With the LOVE of CHRIST (13-16)
  2. In the PEACE and JOY of the HOLY SPIRIT (17-19)
  3. For the sake of the GOSPEL (20-21)

How should Christians determine their freedom?


LIFE Group Discussion Guide:


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

What are some apparent ‘gray areas’ in Christianity? Why do some of these matters cause so much damage relationally?


Read Romans 14:13-16 – How is it possible to cause others to stumble (sin) by living out the freedom we have in Christ? What basis does Paul ask believers to set aside practicing some of their freedoms? How can good things be viewed as evil?

Read Romans 14:17-19 – Why does Paul cite a distinction between things we do (eating & drinking) and who we are (righteousness, peace, joy)? Why is pursuing peace so important in the body of Christ?

Read Romans 14:20-21 – What does it mean to ‘destroy the work of God?’ Why should we be careful with how we choose to exercise freedom in front of others?

Read Romans 14:22-23 – Why is it vital to make decisions based on firm convictions?


What is the danger of reacting to viewpoints you disagree with, rather than living based on careful convictions?

What are some ways in which you’ve exercised freedom in Christ in gray areas without considering those weaker in the faith? What should you do in response?

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