God’s World Around Us

by Melissa Majorins

I love seeing when a family starts to engage with God’s World around them and find ways to live out the Gospel as a family.  Our world is getting smaller and smaller.  We can find out what’s going on in another country by turning on the tv or clicking onto the internet.  But how do we try to get our children engaged in seeing the world through God’s point of view?  How do we allow God to grip our hearts for the people all over the world?  How do we live out the gospel in the world around us?

I’ve put a list of ideas together this month to help your children engage with the world God has made and learn how to be involved with God’s people all over the world.

Here are a few suggestions from desiringgod.org: (http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/10-ways-to-help-kids-love-missions)

  • pray for missionaries
  • read missionary biographies
  • entertain missionaries in your home
  • take risks as a family
  • support missions financially
  • teach your children to be world Christians

Here are a few of my own suggestions:

  • Go out to eat at an ethnic restaurant and talk about the country you are eating from
  • Look up new countries on google maps and talk about the surrounding areas.  What is the weather like?  How do they dress?  What do people do in this country?  How do they live similar/different than us?  Talk about what people believe about God in those countries.
  • Put a map out on the floor and have your children choose a country.  Pray for that country, learn about that country, and see your children’s hearts for other people grow.
  • Look up different country flags, print out, and color them. Here’s one place to find flag coloring sheets:  http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/flag-colouring-pages
  • Make friends with international students or an international family.

Here are some of my favorite missions websites to engage families in God’s world:

The Weave Family Website:  http://weavefamily.org/

This is a great site for families to discover God’s world through family activities, specific people groups and countries to learn about.  There are even recipes from around the world that you can try with your family.

MAF Kids Website: http://www.maf.org/connect/kids

Learn about Mission Aviation on this site.  This site also includes a video on the story of Nate Saint.  Your children will learn about what a missionary pilot does.

Wycliffe Kids: https://www.wycliffe.org/resources/kids-curriculum

This site is full of great activities you can do with your children to learn about other people groups in the world.  These activities can be used as a family devotional time or to talk about around the dinner table.

Have fun getting to know about God’s World with your family!  Choose one thing to do this week!


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