God’s Story: Live Like This 4 Year Old

Have you accepted the challenge?  In our summer sermon series on Proverbs, we’ve been issued a challenge to memorize a verse from the Bible each week.

There are so many reasons to memorize scripture.  From blessing to protection, hiding God’s Word in our hearts yields so many good things.

Check out how the Guerra family has accepted this challenge and is passing on the value of scripture memory to their children.  Mom, Devon, writes:

“Last week when Pastor Robin introduced the Proverbs series I was really encouraged by his challenge to memorize a verse myself. I had gotten out of the habit. Then it occurred to me that if I had my kids do a verse (and I told them they could hang up the heart on the  tree) it would keep me accountable to actually follow through. It is very motivating to Eleanor (age 4) to be able to hang up a heart on the tree. This past Sunday, it was the first thing she did on her way into church. She also remembered exactly where she had hung the heart on the tree, so she could show Pastor Robin. 

I wanted Eleanor to know one reason that we would be memorizing Scripture this summer, so we started with Psalm 119:11 “Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” We made up actions to do while we said the verse, and that helped the kids a lot. We practiced at a consistent time– bedtime. We hung the heart in Eleanor’s room in a spot we could see so we would remember to practice before bed.

Our son, Abraham, is only two, but he can say the verse just like Eleanor. He thinks he can do whatever his big sister does. I love it!”

Will you accept this challenge?  Choose to live like this 4 year old and commit to hiding God’s Word in your heart this summer. You’ll be so thankful you did.

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