God is Not Dead

Title: God is Not Dead

Summary: When we know God, we learn to trust and worship him alone

Key Scripture: Psalm 115

There are four reasons to trust in the God of the Bible (Psalm 115:1-16)

  • Reason #1 (115:1-3)
  • Reason #2 (115:4-8)
  • Reason #3 (115:9-11)
  • Reason #4 (115:12-16

How do we then live? (Psalm 115:17-18)

1 Peter 1:17-21

Discussion Guide:


When you listen to people talking about religion and God, what do you hear? Why do some find it impossible to believe in God? When have you questioned his existence? Do you think Christians today are making progress in combating a spirit of unbelief in our country? Why or why not?

Have someone in your group read Psalm 115. Now read it again but this time, read 115:9-11 responsively (one person reads a section, with the others reading the following phrase).  


Read 115:1-8. From Israel’s history during the Babylonian exile and Nehemiah, why do nations (Gentiles) question God’s existence? What kinds of gods did they worship in Bible times (115:4-8)? Why did they worship gods if they had no power? What does God say about idols in Exodus 20:1-5?

In Psalm 115:9-16, who are the three groups of people he addresses? What does it mean that God is our “help and shield” (9-11)? In what ways does God “remember” and “bless” (12-16)?  If God oversees the heavens and earth (16), what is expected of those who know him (17-18)?


Have you ever been asked, “Where is your God?” How did you respond? How might 1 Peter 1:17-21 provide you with a way to show the tangible love of God?

Randy read Tim Keller’s quote in Counterfeit Gods. What are the contemporary idols we worship? In what sense do we become like what we worship (115:8)? Which idols are particularly tempting for you and why?

What behaviors and attitudes characterize people who trust in God? How do you encourage a fellow Christian who is wondering why God doesn’t help them in their suffering?


Memorize Psalm 115:1 as a symbol of God’s power available to you. Though your circumstances may feel gloomy, trust in the God of steadfast love and faithfulness and believe he is working on your behalf. When you see and experience his presence, be sure to give him the glory!

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