Forgive Me

Title: Forgive Me

SummaryWhen we confess our sins, God forgives us and surrounds us with his love

Key Scripture: Psalm 32

Do you know the joy of FORGIVENESS? (Psalm 32:1-2)

Have you experienced the pain of HIDDEN guilt? (Psalm 32:3-5)

Forgiveness brings unexpected REWARDS (Psalm 32:6-9)

Which PATHWAY will you choose? (Psalm 32:10-11)

Discussion Guide:


What examples do we see from literature, movies, churches and news media regarding the crippling effect of guilt and the inability to hide sinful actions? How have you personally experienced the guilt of hiding sinful thoughts and actions?

Read Psalm 32 in different translations. What do you notice about King David’s personal experience with guilt and forgiveness?  What was the source of his forgiveness and joy?


What kinds of actions cause a guilty conscience? Read Psalm 32:1-4 again and review the contrast between forgiveness and hidden guilt. Why does covering up sin result in emotional problems? Read verse 5. Can we be forgiven of both the sin itself and the guilt that goes along with it?

How does David describe God’s provision for us in Psalm 32:7? How does this differ from a prevailing view of God as an angry Judge ready to sentence us to death? How does Paul use this Psalm in Romans 4:1-8 to teach us an important truth about God’s forgiveness and grace?

Read Psalm 32:8-11 again. What wisdom is David teaching us and how do we apply it?


If you repented of sin and professed faith in Christ, God forgives past, present and future sins. If this is true, do you still need to confess your sins daily to receive forgiveness? Why or why not? What is the difference between being saved and ongoing fellowship with God (1 John 1:5-10)?

Since God forgives me, do I still need to make restitution for my wrongdoing? How far do I need to go back to receive forgiveness (for example, cheating in school years ago)?

Do you have trouble forgiving others? Jesus says that if we won’t forgive, our Father will not forgive us (Matt. 5:14-15). What does an unforgiving heart say about us (read Matt. 18:21-35)?

ASSIGNMENT: Read Psalm 32:11 again. We are commanded to glad in the Lord and shout for joy. Are you a person of contagious joy, basking in the relief of God’s forgiveness in Christ? If not, pray with your group that God will restore the happiness you once had in your forgiveness. Our Father is a “hiding place” and will surround you with his “steadfast love.”

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