Fighter Verses — A Family Bible App

by Melissa Hoyt

School is out and summer is in full swing!  Are you looking for something fun yet spiritual for your kids to engage in this summer?  The summer seems to be filled with vacations, sports, and family time, but the summer also seems to allow for a little more downtime for kids without school.  So why not memorize scripture this summer with your kids?

There is an excellent resource that I want to share with you:

Fighter Verses are put out by Children Desiring God (we use their curriculum for our children’s classes).  You can either go online or download the app.  The app is only a few dollars and is filled with verses to memorize along with quizzes to test your memory and songs to go along with the verses.  You can also listen to the verses that you want to memorize.

Kathy, a Stonebridge Kids volunteer loves this App even as an adult.  Here’s what she has to say about it:

“I love the fighter verses app on my phone! It has an index of topics, which includes different emotions or situations that people go through, and then, encouraging Bible verses to help people get through those times! 

When I know of prayer requests in people’s lives, I like to turn to this phone app and look for very appropriate Bible verses to pray over them or even to share with them to encourage them through that difficult time. And yes, this app allows you, with the touch of a button, to share this verse with anyone who has a phone!

It has been a great blessing for me personally in my life. I have trouble knowing where to go in the Bible to receive encouragement with different situations, so this is a perfect tool for me. Since I always have my phone with me, that means I always have Bible verses at my fingertips!

It has also been a great tool for me to help with Bible memorization. It will not only bring up the specific verses that I ask for so I can read them, but it will actually read them out loud to me so I can listen to them! So I can listen to God’s Word as I drive to work everyday! I am currently trying to memorize Psalm 91, as it is a very special psalm for our family.

I really encourage anyone, any age person, to get this on your phone! It has so many other applications that I have not even mentioned, I know you would love it and want to share with all your friends too!

God’s Word is such a powerful weapon, it is awesome to use our modern technology to bring it closer to us!”

Why not download the app today?!  When you are driving somewhere with your kids this summer, have them pull up the app and start memorizing God’s Word.

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