Family Spotlight — The Louzeks

Who are you?
Dan and Jill Louzek.  We have three boys, Ben age 10, Thomas age 9, and John age 6, along with a three year old cockapoo named Sandy.  We began attending Stonebridge Evangelical Free Church in 2010.

What challenges do you face as a family?
Being Christian is becoming less and less popular in our society.  God’s Word is viewed by many to be irrelevant and those who follow it ignorant and hateful.  The world uses every means to pull children away from the teachings of Christ.  Our goal is to raise our boys to be men of God.

Have you seen God working in your life in regard to these challenges?
God has blessed our family in many ways.  He has guided us to make financial sacrifices that allow us to have the ability to have one parent work and one parent stay home with our boys.  We have learned to live within our means, as God provides.  Our house isn’t grand, our cars are not new, and we don’t necessarily have all the latest gadgets.   But we have no regrets; God has helped us choose a cozy house near activities that support the enrichment of our family.  Whenever we have needed something God has blessed us with the ability to afford it.  We also have been blessed with support from family and friends whom have Jesus first in their lives.  The boys’ grandparents live near us.  We have developed like minded friendships who support the values we are instilling in the boys.

What things have you implemented with your family to draw them close to God?
Even before our children were born, we knew we wanted to be the ones to raise them.  We made a conscious effort to live on one income so Jill could be home with our children.  God’s Word and prayer are an essential part of our day.  Through our own example, we read the Bible individually on a daily basis.  We read and discuss passages of the Bible with our boys at the breakfast table and encourage them to read on their own during the week.  When they were very small we started reading toddler or child versions and as they have gotten older we read the adult translation of the Word.  We pray aloud for meals, at bedtime with our boys, and for healing or during stressful times.  The boys have a weekly Bible study with their grandparents.  We have chosen to home school our boys.  We look at it as an opportunity for discipleship and help them prepare for the world before releasing them to it.  We encourage them to socialize with other believing children through attending Sunday School and or Blast.  Backyard Bible Club, Men’s Campout, and Family Camp have been a fun way for our kids to connect with the Body of Christ.  Jill facilitates a homeschool physical education group called “Moving in God’s Creation.” We listen to Christian music on the radio and CDs and watch Christian or family friendly movies.  The boys enjoy listening to the Jonathan Park CD series at bedtime.  We teach them to be kind, loving, and respectful to others throughout their day.  We want our boys to learn about the world with our guidance.  As a result, we limit their exposure to popular media.  We discuss together the things they may hear or see in movies, in current events, or in the news.  We help them apply the teachings of the Bible to all these situations.  We are very glad that Stonebridge and our community have many other families that are trying to do the same for their children.  Our boys have made many friends at Stonebridge.

What advice would you give others who are facing similar challenges?
Teach God’s Word as the absolute Truth.  Teach your children to never deny Jesus.  Seek out others who are raising their kids with Biblical values.  Be in the Bible daily and pray, pray, pray.

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