Family Spotlight — The Sadlers

Who are you?

We are Nate & Jocelyn Sadler and we recently moved to Atkins.  Nate is a purchasing manager at Sadler Power Train in Cedar Rapids and Jocelyn is a stay-at-home mom to our 4 children.  Brady is our oldest son and is in 7thgrade. Owen is our second son.  Mabry is our only daughter and is in 2nd grade.  Ian is our youngest son.  We enjoy being outdoors and keep busy attending the children’s various activities that they participate in.  We enjoy spending time with extended family and it is very important for us and our children to be part of close families on both Nate & Jocelyn’s sides. We look forward to traveling with the kids every year and exploring new destinations together as a family.

What challenges do you face as a family?                                                          

With our three oldest children being involved in different activities, we are finding that is getting more difficult to spend quality time together every evening.  Nate and I also find it difficult to take one on one time for ourselves as a married couple.

How have you seen God working in your life in regard to these challenges?

We recently made a difficult decision to uproot our children from a school district and friends that they have known their entire life.  We moved to Atkins which is a much smaller community and enrolled our children in Benton Community School District.  We feel like things are still busy but our activities are closer to home and we don’t have to travel as much with our activities.  We feel like we are becoming a part of the community we live in and have a strong network of support being in a smaller town and school.  We are home more on the weekends which allows for more time together as a family.  Overall, we feel like this has been a great move for our family and the kids have all adjusted very well and are settling into their new schools and we are all making lots of new friendships.

What things have you implemented with your family to draw them closer to God?

We make sure that we pray individually with each child before bedtime every evening.  It is a nice time to pray for specific needs and give thanks with each child and discuss things that may have come up during their day.  It is neat to see how each of them is growing in their personal relationship with God just in prayer alone.  Nate does a Bible study with the older boys before bed each evening.  We make a point of attending church regularly and we volunteer in the children’s ministry on Saturday evenings.  The two older boys like to help us volunteer in the preschool class on Saturday evenings and it is a good way to teach them about serving in the Church.

What advice would you give others who are facing similar struggles?

Make it a priority to find time each day to spend time and connect with your family.  Set a time to pray together and read the Bible as a family. The kids look forward to having a Bible study every evening and it has been a nice way to end our evening.  Make it a priority to attend church on a regular basis as a family. Have the older children be teachers to the younger ones.  Our older son Owen likes to quiz our younger son Ian on his Bible stories on Sunday morning during the car trip to church.  It is awesome to see how the younger ones can learn from the older ones.

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