Empty Righteousness: Redeemed

An Undeniable Problem:
Humanity faces an undeniable problem—that we are not as righteous as we ought to be
An Unexpected Plan (Isaiah 52:13–53:3)
An Undeserving Substitute (Isaiah 53:4-9)
He is…He suffers as a…He gives his life…His suffering culminates in…
An Unbelievable Result (Isaiah 53:10-12)

  • He is…
  • He suffers as a…
  • He gives his life…
  • His suffering culminates in…

Main Idea: God redeems us from our unrighteousness and restores us to sonship and service through the life, death, and resurrection of his true Servant and faithful Son, Jesus Christ.


What is the first responsibility you remember your parents entrusting you with? How did you do with it? Were you successful? Did you make a mess?

When did you first become aware of your own sinfulness? To the extent that you feel comfortable, share about that experience. How does your experience compare with Israel’s experience in Isaiah 1:2-4?


Read Isaiah 42:1-9. Who do you think the Servant is in this passage? (Hint: see 41:8-9; 42:19). What is the Servant’s job according to these verses? How does the Servant do? (Hint: see 42:18-19). How does God promise to address this Isaiah 49:5-6?

Read Isaiah 52:13–53:12. Describe the Servant’s experience. How did people see or perceive him? What did he endure?

According to this passage, why did the Servant endure such suffering? Whose idea was it? Who benefited from it? What did he accomplish? What was the result? How did that impact the people of Israel, and how does it impact us today?

The New Testament quotes this passage at least six times, and alludes to it another 30+ times (for example, see Matt. 8:17; Acts 8:32-33; 1 Pet. 2:22-25). Why do you think the New Testament authors were so drawn to it? What does it reveal to us about Jesus?


There are a lot of surprises and unexpected developments in this passage. What do you find most surprising or astonishing about God’s plan here? About the Servant and his work?

Where do you see yourself in this passage? If we have this kind of Savior, what does that mean for our relationship with God? What does that mean for our calling to serve God? How does that impact your view of yourself? How does that impact your passions and ambitions?

What practical steps can you take in living as a redeemed child and faithful servant?

ASSIGNMENT: With your group, memorize Isaiah 53:4-6. Invest some time praising God for undeserved favor, or perhaps sing together, “Hallelujah, What a Savior!” by Philip Bliss

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