Empty Identity: Revealed

Jesus’s ministry was full of teaching, explaining, and fulfilling prophecy. But after His resurrection and before many believed that He had indeed risen, Jesus seized a unique opportunity to speak incognito to a couple of His disciples about a very important truth: the Old Testament was full of Him. This was one of the final lessons that His followers needed to understand before He ascended to heaven.

Why did Jesus’ disciples not recognize him?

  • They needed a better hope (Luke 24:13-26)
  • They needed a deeper understanding (Luke 24:27)
  • They needed new vision (Luke 24:28-35)

MAIN IDEA: Knowing Jesus’ true identity gives us hope, truth, and new sight


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

How do some people ‘misunderstand’ Jesus? What are some ways his own disciples misunderstood who he was? What are some ways we still miss seeing who he really is?


Read Luke 24:13-26. What is the importance of Jesus not being recognized by the disciples? Why did Jesus pretend not to know what had happened? What had these disciples hoped for? How does Jesus correct their understanding?

Read Luke 24:27. What does Jesus show these disciples? What are some examples of the Old Testament pointing to Jesus? Why does Jesus emphasize this concept to them? Read Luke 16:27-31. Why doesn’t resurrection itself convince people of the truth? Why does Jesus emphasize the importance of Scripture for proof of his resurrection?

Read Luke 24:28-35. What does the phrase ‘their eyes were opened’ seem to imply? Why isn’t it enough to have head knowledge of Scripture? What is their response to recognizing Christ’s identity? How can we find encouragement in this?


Where are you currently placing your hope? In your own desires and dreams for the future, in what God can do for you, or in who Christ is? What are some ways that we, like the disciples, can miss the point and misplace our hope?

Jesus showed the disciples that their lack of understanding the Scriptures was a big reason they missed recognizing who he really was. How does a deeper knowledge of the Word reveal more about Jesus to us?

Have your spiritual eyes been opened to see Jesus for who he really is? How has that changed your life? Why is testifying to Jesus a right response? Who do you need to ‘tell’ about the risen Savior?

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