Empty Hearts: Made Full

Jesus is ___________! (Luke 24:36-43)

He opens ____________ to understand God’s plan (Luke 24:44-49)

  • Jesus is …
  • Jesus is…
  • This plan is…

 What do we do with this plan?

The resurrection _____________ the way we live (Luke 24:48-53)

    Consider five things…

Main Idea: Jesus’ resurrection is God’s plan and is to be proclaimed to the world by the power of the Spirit.


Who has influenced your life for good? What favorite “pep” talk do you remember from a spiritual mentor, coach, music teacher, or friend? How were you treated when you failed or made mistakes?

Read Luke 24:36-53. How did the disciples react when Jesus suddenly appeared (24:36-37)? Why are they having so much trouble believing Jesus is alive? How does Jesus prove he has a physical body (24:38-43)?


When Jesus summarized his life, death and resurrection, how did he connect it to God’s plan (Luke 24:44)? To what three things did Jesus say the Old Testament pointed (24:45-47)? Why did he need to open their minds to understand this truth (24:45)?

What role did the disciples have in fulfilling this plan and why (24:48-49)? What is the Father’s “promised power” and why do they need it (24:49; see also Luke 12:12; Acts 4:4-8)? When were Jesus’ followers to begin their ministry?

Luke describes Jesus’s ascension in 24:50-51 and Acts 1:3-9. After he blessed his friends and ascended to heaven, what did they do with their new understanding and why (24:52-53)?


Luke 24 emphasizes real evidence for the resurrection. Read the chapter and list ways Jesus proves he is alive. What is the place of “evidence” for us today?

Why is it important to you that Jesus’ mission was anticipated far beforehand in the Old Testament? What OT hopes for the Messiah are especially significant for you?

In light of your life situation, where is the “mission field” to which Jesus has called you? How can you witness to others by your words and life? What will keep you from this mission?

ASSIGNMENT: As a group, memorize Luke 24:44. Consider the applications drawn from this passage. What insight is most important to you? How can you respond to this insight with prayer and/or action? Worship Jesus for God’s plan worked out in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and joyfully thank him for his grace.

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