Embracing the Impossible

by Pastor Robin Tyner

The story of Abraham is found in the book of Genesis where God made some breath-taking promises. God said He would make Abraham into a great nation and also make his name great (Genesis 12:1-3). Abraham believed God, and now almost 4,000 years later, his name is one of the most globally recognized names in history.

Abraham’s faith didn’t cause him to close his eyes to reality. He was fully aware when it came to having children he and his wife Sarah were way past their child-bearing years. But he believed what God promises He performs.

You may be facing a situation that humanly speaking looks impossible. It could be in the area of finances; or a relationship; or something at work; or your health. The story of Abraham is a powerful example of a man who trusted God and persevered regardless of his circumstances.

I love the story of Abraham because it was when he recognized he was powerless that God’s power went to work in his body. The same thing was true for me. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I stopped trusting in what I can DO, and started trusting in what Christ has DONE for me. That’s when my sins were forgiven, and for the first time I experienced peace and abounding joy.

If you’re trusting in just one percent of your human effort, or goodness, you’ll never be able to have peace with God. I encourage you to admit to God you’re powerless, and ask Him to do what only He can do – forgive your sins and declare you righteous. If you do, you will experience an abounding joy you never thought possible.

Learning about Abraham reminds me of God’s deep, durable, and abiding love. I’m also reminded that He’s a promise-keeping God whom I can trust because what He promises He performs.

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