Easter at Stonebridge

Good Friday Service: 6:30 PM
Easter Sunday Services: 9 & 10:45 AM Livestream at 10:45 AM

You Are Invited!

Easter is a special time to celebrate with family and friends.
No matter where you’re at in your faith journey, we’d love to
have you join us as we celebrate the hope, joy and new beginnings found in the message of Easter.

Good Friday

Easter for many of us is a day of family gatherings and a celebration, not only of Christ’s resurrection, but also the coming of spring. On Good Friday, let’s not rush the celebration before coming face-to-face with the paradoxes that are at the heart of the Christian faith.

Resurrection Sunday

Early Sunday morning, some of Jesus’s friends set out for his grave to anoint the body of their friend and teacher. When they arrive, however, they are greeted by what one Gospel writer calls “a man dressed in lightning.” He tells them Jesus is not there, as he said. He is risen.

Meet Our Pastors


Lead Pastor

Brandon Levering joined our staff team in 2019


Associate Pastor for Service & Outreach

Robin Tyner joined our staff team in 1994


Pastor for Discipleship

Josh Casey joined our staff team in 2021 


Pastor for Worship & Creative Arts

Keith Knight joined our staff team in 2010

Celebrate With Us This Easter

The Mission of Stonebridge Church is to walk alongside each person
we meet as they take their next step with Jesus

Service Times:

Good Friday: 6:30 PM
Easter Sunday: 9 & 10:45 AM
Livestream at 10:45 AM

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Address: 1829 Stoney Point Rd SW
Call Us: 319-396-4525
Email Us: online@stonebridge.church