Dangerous Worship

New Series: Sacred Selfies

The story of the nameless Samaritan woman at the well which is recorded only in the Gospel of John is a revealing one, full of many truths and powerful lessons for us today. It shows that Jesus is the Messiah, and He seeks worshipers and transforms them into His harvest workers.

God loves us in spite of our bankrupt lives. He also values us enough to actively seek us and to rejoice in our worship. It is a dangerous thing to forget that all of life is worship. We can and should worship God 24 hours a day as we set aside every activity as an expression of our love for the Lord.

What is true WORSHIP ? (John 4:1-10, 21-24)

Why is worship dangerous? (John 4:11-30)

How do we live a LIFE of worship? (John 4:31-42)

Main Idea: It is dangerous to forget that all of life is worship.


What is some real danger that you feel you have good reasons to fear? Why?

What role does fear have in your knowledge of God? What is healthy about this and what is unhealthy about it?


Read John 4:1-10, 21-24. How does Jesus define worship in this context? What gets in the way of your experience with true worship?

In John 4:11-30, what is dangerous about this woman’s worship and what makes it real? When Jesus exposed her life in 4:16-24, how did she respond? How did Jesus correct her thinking? What does it mean to worship “in spirit and in truth”?

How does this woman show a growing understanding of Jesus’ identity as she talks with Him (John 4:9,11,19,29)? Why does she think he is a prophet? What convinces her He is Messiah? What is the significance of Jesus revealing Himself as Messiah to a Samaritan woman?


How is worshiping the living God dangerous and how does this relate to His grace? What experiences of God have you had that seemed to be dangerous (confronting you, changing your relationships, reorienting your priorities)?

Why is “living water” such a powerful metaphor? What is Jesus saying by using this image? How did Jesus become living water for this woman (4:30) and how is He living water for you (John 7:37-39)?

As a result of this woman’s drink from the living water, she became a channel of witness to transform her community (John 4:31-42). How can you grow beyond tradition, busyness and comfort toward a lifestyle of worship and how might this impact your relationships?

ASSIGNMENT: What will help you grow in your vision and understanding of God in Christ? What steps will you take this week to worship God in spirit and in truth? Who will you ask to help you be accountable for taking these steps? Pray that God will help us as a church to grow in true worship and that this may transform our community.

At Stonebridge we believe disciples should always be growing in faith.  Growing means changing, learning, sharing, giving. And step by step blessing others along the way.  There are many options for your next step…

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