Reaching Cedar Rapids — Easter 2017

Easter is the true meaning of hope.  And we want to spread it all over Cedar Rapids. Join us as we point people to Jesus and share His message of hope with them!

Two Opportunities to Reach Cedar Rapids with Hope this Easter: 

Carry the Cross   &   Hope Baskets (New!)

All Men, Women and families are welcome to participate in these events. Kids should be old enough and eager to stand in one area for two hours if doing Carry the Cross.



Carry the Cross Details
Groups from the church hold crosses with encouraging and truth-filled messages (like He is Risen, Jesus Lives, Only One Way, etc.) at various intersections throughout the city of Cedar Rapids on the Saturday of Easter weekend. Carry the Cross is meant to cause people to stop and think about the true meaning of Easter as they see various signs throughout town which proclaim the message of Christ. It is also inspires those holding the crosses to step out in courage and identify with Christ in a public way. Meet at the church at 9:00 a.m.  Take a cross and go to a designated area of the city.  Hold the cross at that spot for 2 hours. Join together back at the church around noon for pizza and a time to share your experience.  Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Hope Baskets Details
Nearly everyone in our culture has been touched by cancer in some way.  This Easter we want to send our love and the hope of Jesus to those currently hospitalized due to cancer.   We plan to put together Easter “Hope” Baskets filled with cards, healthy snacks for the patient and their families and a few novelty items. Baskets will be delivered on Easter weekend Saturday to:

The Dennis & Donna Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy
Hall-Perrine Cancer Center
Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center
Mercy Hospital

People are needed to help with donations of basket contents, putting the baskets together and delivering the baskets to cancer patients.

Donations Needed:
Top 3 Needs:
iTunes $10 gift cards — (Need at least 50 more)
Monetary cash donations
decks of playing cards

Other items needed:
Pens or Colored Pencils
Chocolate bar
Mints, gum or lemon drops
Bottle of water (12 oz)
Seed packet for flowers
Kleenex (individual packs)
puzzle books

We will need 100 of each item. Please include receipt if possible.
Small homemade notes or crafts are welcome as well.

Please bring donations to the church lobby by Monday, April 10. 


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