Re-Opening Update

Storm Update: Due to Monday’s storm and widespread damage and power outages, Stonebridge Church and all activities will be closed/canceled until further notice. Stay tuned to our website and social channels for further updates. Please be in prayer for our community as everyone recovers from this devastating storm and the impact that it has had on the whole city and surrounding areas. Thank you to all those who are working hard to restore power and clean up from the damage. It will take time and work but we will recover and our community will be stronger together

Sunday After The Storm:

In lieu of our regular worship services this Sunday, Pastor Brandon will be sharing some reflections live in our online community on Facebook at 10:45.  Request to join or tune in using the link below:

COVID Update: As we continue to take a cautious yet intentional approach to reopening ministry, it has been wonderful to begin worshiping together with some of you again, yet we fully acknowledge and respect the choice for some to continuing participating online.  As we plan for additional ministry openings, we remain committed to protecting the health and safety of our congregation and are taking measures to maintain recommended health guidelines as much as possible. 

Mask Required Service will continue at 10:45 AM through the month of August: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we want to strive to love and care for our entire Stonebridge Family well.  To do this, we are seeking to provide ministry opportunities that accommodate various view points while maintaining social distancing and safe health guidelines.  Therefore, we will require masks to be worn during the 10:45 AM service.  We will continue with 9:00 AM service as usual (still encouraging people to wear masks during transition times in the lobby, but leaving it optional) and then require that all who attend the 10:45 AM service (ages 5 and up) wear a mask for the duration of the service. A video feed of the 10:45 AM service will also be offered in The Bridge for those who would like to attend at that time without wearing a mask.  Kids ministry for all ages will be offered during the 9:00 AM service. There will be no kids ministry offered at 10:45 AM

  • INCREASE TO 75% CAPACITY: During the month of July, we will increase seating in the Worship Center to accommodate 75% capacity.  We will continue to provide additional seating in The Bridge where people can watch the service on screens in the event of the need for overflow seating.  We continue to strongly encourage mask-wearing during the coming and going times, and ask that people exit the church quickly following the service, taking conversations with others outside to the parking lot area.  Thank you for your help in our efforts to keep people healthy and safe.

Dial-in Number: We are also offering a dial-in option to listen to the worship service for those who may not have a computer, internet access, or for anyone who doesn’t have a strong internet connection. This will allow people to listen to the service from any phone. The same phone number will be used every time, but each week there is a new access code. To use this service and receive the details, please call 319-423-9545 Please also pass this information along to those in the congregation you know may not have email or internet.



  • Non-Contact Environment: While we love the desire to greet via hugs and handshakes, to reduce the spread of germs, we ask that you do your best to maintain a non-contact environment.
  • Chat Outdoors: Although it is counter to our normal message of “stick around and greet one another”, during the next month, we’d ask that you do your best to avoid lingering in the worship center and lobby before and between services.   We’re working hard to maintain social distancing recommendations and want to be faithful to that promise.  In addition, we want to make sure people who come to both services can be assured of the same level of cleanliness in the building and we will need time to fully sanitize the worship center, bathrooms, and common areas before the next service. One suggestion would be to talk to people out in the parking lot after the service.


  • Watch at home if you’re sick—if you or someone in your family is not feeling well or is displaying symptoms of illness, please stay home and join us via live stream. We’d love to have you join us when you feel better.
  • Good Hygiene:  And, of course, we would ask that those who attend be faithful in practicing good hygiene by washing your hands, covering sneezes or coughs and avoid close contact with others outside your family.


  • Stonebridge is a family and we want to care for each other, support one another and show God’s love to each other.  Sometimes caring is easy, other times love stretches us and requires some self-sacrifice.
  • Masks– During the past few months, we have learned that we have a number of people in our congregation who are in a higher risk category.  As a family, we want to do our best to show love and care for all our members and of course, we desire for everyone to stay as healthy as possible.  We want people to feel safe to come back to worship. And for some, wearing masks provides a level of comfort to be able to do that. [see update above]

So, as we prepare for coming together again, please remember 3 H’s:  be aware of your Habits, Health and Heart. 
As always, if you have any questions please let us know.