Christmas Shepherd

Advent Week 3

The “I AM” statements of Jesus are essentials for a growing disciple. By learning them we find our security and significance, not in the people around us, but in our relationship with Christ. Take a walk in John’s Gospel and enjoy a deeper relationship with the One who loves us.

Read: John 10:1-21

Main Idea: Jesus offers us a new way of living under his life-giving leadership.


What do you notice about news stories related to the actions of political, business, media and religious leaders today? Why are Americans so interested in the rich and powerful?

Read John 10:1-21. Jesus uses the illustrations of a “door” and “shepherd”. What are the qualities of good leadership listed by Jesus in this passage?


Read John 10:1-10. Jesus describes the religious elite of his day as “thieves and robbers”. What is the meaning behind images of the “door”, “shepherd” and “sheep”? How are imposters trying to enter the sheepfold? How are they identified?

Read John 10:10 aloud from several different Bible translations (ESV, NIV, NLT). What does Jesus mean by “abundant life?”

Read John 10:11-18. Jesus says “I am the “Good Shepherd” (10:11)? If Psalm 23 is the background to Jesus’ reference, what is he claiming about himself? How does he compare himself with other leaders of his day (10:12-13)? Read Ezekiel 34 to understand the context of his words (Hanukkah).


In John 10:11-18, what are three things Jesus says about his leadership? What does he mean by “knowing” his sheep? What is he implying about his mission with “one flock and one shepherd (10:16)? What does this mean for our church, city and mission?

Read John 10:19-21. How did people respond to what Jesus said? What decision does he force us to make as well? What happens to those who follow Jesus as their ultimate leader?

Assignment: Jesus said “I am the door” and “I am the “Good Shepherd”, and we must respond:

  • If not yet a Christian, do you long for a leader like Jesus? He is the “door” (read Mark 1:15).
  • Are you able to discern life-giving versus self-centered leadership in the church, home, marriage, family, friendships, work or school? What does Jesus’ style of leadership look like in these areas?
  • Are you growing more like Jesus in your leadership style? What is your next step toward growth?

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