Chemnitz 2017

At Stonebridge we are committed to making disciples of all nations [Matt. 28:19] by walking alongside people in our local and global communities as they take their next step with Jesus. This summer we are excited to do just that by sending a team of people from our church to take a relationship-building mission trip our sister church, FeG Chemnitz, in Chemnitz, Germany, from Sept. 1-12, 2017

FeG, in Chemnitz, Germany

While there, our team will work to foster relationships in several ways. We plan to meet in homes with LifeGroups from FeG Chemnitz, sharing our mutual interest in each other’s cultures, and the ways in which we practice small group study and ministry.

We also hope to foster relationships between the church and the people of Chemnitz by talking with children in area schools, and connecting with church and community members at the “Blessing Place,” a neighborhood outreach center run by FeG Chemnitz.

Finally, we also desire to better our team’s understanding of the culture and history of Germany by visiting several sites related to the Great Reformer Martin Luther. This summer marks the 500th Anniversary of when he nailed a controversial list of propositions to the door of the Cathedral of Wittenberg, sparking the debate that would divide the church and come to be known as the Reformation.

Traveling Team Members: Ron & CJ Zachariasen, Heidi Mittelsteadt, Jean Schultz, Randy Scheil & Jason Poling

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